Enumerating permutation graphs

25 October 2020

This blog post quickly compares three different ways of enumerating the permutation graphs on \(n\) vertices. By using a canonical deletion approach, we can extend OEIS A123448 from \(n = 11\) to \(n = 14\).


Enumerating circle graphs

04 October 2020

There are 22576188846 unlabelled circle graphs on 13 vertices but how do we know that? This blog post looks at a few different ways of generating small circle graphs from the simplest ways up to a canonical deletion method.


The longest title on arXiv

16 July 2020

A discussion about a potential title with my coauthors led to a question: What is the longest title for a maths paper?


DIY Wallet

04 July 2020

After my old wallet began to wear at the edges, I decided to making a replacement despite having no experience. Read on to find out how the wallet turned out and to learn from some of my mistakes.


Induced Saturation For Paths

22 May 2020

A graph \(G\) is said to be induced saturated for \(H\) if \(G\) contains no induced copy of \(H\), but adding or removing any edge creates an induced copy. We give some graphs which are induced saturated for \(P_5\).